Dress For Success: Outfits for every occasion

8 Weeks

‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out?’

– Dr. Seuss

Bored of the same old monotone work wear?
Want to make a statement at work or a party but afraid it’ll be too much?
Always confused about the ‘right’ outfit for that Diwali party?

The term ‘professional or formal’ is still frequently interpreted as ‘boring’. Too often, we’re a little cautious of showcasing our authentic style and uniqueness to the world.

At Image Stilista, we’ve always believed in dressing for the occasion without compromising on the style that makes you ‘you’. With our ‘Dress for Success’ program we guide you on finding clothing appropriate for a wide variety of industries, fields, social circles and events while integrating colors, patterns and designs that you love.

Perceptions & Reflections

Appropriate and attractive clothing is all about deciding the messages you want to leave with your audience. In this module, we discuss the different environments and occasions you frequent and employ the International Style Scale to help you choose outfits that voice your personality in subtle ways. Business formal, Friday casual, corporate events won’t seem so complicated anymore!

Your Body, Your Style

It’s never about your size but more the way you wear your size! In this module, we evaluate your body shape, weight and nuances you’d like to highlight or deflect from. Through an understanding of what fabrics and styles make you feel comfortable, we arrive at a clear foundation for a style portfolio that flatters your profile.

Colors with a Purpose

Love some shades but not sure if you can carry it off? Time to rethink that notion! All colors are wonderful tools for anyone to use in fun, playful ways to stand out from the crowd. We guide you on choosing colors and hues in an intelligent, creative manner that will leave you with a wardrobe with a color for every occasion.

You’ve got a stylist inside you!

That’s right! Every individual can take charge of their own attire and wardrobe with some guidance. The team at Image Stilista coaches you with picking the right mix of colors, prints, fabrics, lengths, sets for your new wardrobe or when you’re out shopping the next time. Soon, you’ll be your own expert!

Your Style Superpower – Accessories

Accessories can be your best friend when it comes to power dressing or leaving an impression. Whether you’re out for brunch in jeans, travelling abroad, dinner with your friends, a work event or a wedding, we help you curate the perfect assortment of jewellery, fragrances, sunglasses, belts etc. Armed with your accessory superpower, you’ll find yourself stepping out with some extra confidence that will make a world of difference.

At the end of the course, our experts also provide you with a customized look book that features pre-crafted looks using your wardrobe, for a wider variety of occasions. All you have to do – pull it out, have a look and get ready to shine!

Styling for Unique Geographies (Additional)

Secured admission in a foreign university or planning to move abroad with your family? Finding appropriate attire to successfully transition to a new culture or country can often be challenging. Notions of appropriate and attractive are vastly diverse across geographies.

In this additional module, specially curated for those moving to another country, our experts guide clients on choosing the right attire for their destinations – tailoring items to weather, cultural norms, work or academic environments. We help you put together the perfect wardrobe to start your new journey – personalized, respectable and versatile!