Dining Etiquette

3 hours

‘Appearance may get you invited to a gathering but manners will keep you there’

There’s an undeniable aura around an individual who is confident in their style, their personality AND the manner in which they carry themselves.

Often, we stop our pursuit of image development at attire when manners, etiquette, conversational skills are skills that are just as important in leaving a lasting impression with people we interact.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, a working professional, homemaker or an influencer, chances are that someday you will be seated across the table from someone who you’d like to impress.

Image Stilista’s Dining Etiquette program is designed to help you make the most of those opportunities, an effective framework where you learn to conduct yourself effortlessly during social and work engagements.

• Dining Do’s and Don’ts in line with international standards
• Setting a table for dinner parties and events
• Glassware & Cutlery: Choosing the right items for the occasion and menu
• International Dining Styles: American & Continental
• Using table napkins
• Table Manners while eating
• Removing seeds and bones from mouth
• Eating with one’s hand
• Buffet Manners
• 5-Course Meal: Serving order, use of cutlery and eating style
• Eating of different & tough foods
• Use of chopsticks
• Eating desserts with a fork and spoon
• Practical Demonstration of each section