The Image Stilista Signature Program: Your Style Thumbprint

8 Weeks

Ever wondered why you never seem to be content with your appearance, no matter how many different clothes and brands you buy? Tired of spending time and money over looks that look great on-screen but odd on you?

That’s because no single brand can ever know what you need and want.

Advertisements, media and influencers can often mislead consumers to encourage purchases. We help you cut through the noise to find the perfect balance of attractive and personalized clothing that you enjoy carrying.

Through exclusive, private consultations that cater specifically to your unique body shape, complexion, age, budget and yes personal preferences, our Signature Program carefully crafts that distinct style you want to be known for – your very own style thumbprint!

Look the Part, Get the Part

We believe in dressing for the role even before you’ve got it! Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or eager for a promotion, we help you curate looks that will propel you into the future you’re dreaming of. By coaching clients on the use of the International Style Scale in tandem with their requirements, Image Stilista has time and again developed styles that helped clients stand out from the crowd.

Your Body, Your Style

Contrary to popular belief, every body type can be styled to look beautiful and attractive. Image Stilista evaluates your body shape to devise customized contouring, layering and repeating techniques to flatter your profile. All the while ensuring your comfort and ease in every outfit.

Color Me Perfect

Each individual has a unique combination of colors and palettes in their complexion, hair, eyes. Understanding these undertones is essential to choosing colors in clothing and make-up. Image Stilista analyzes these natural hues and your personal color preferences to create sample combinations that work best for you.

Styling That’s ‘You’

There’s nothing more attractive than the real you. We believe in styling that reflects your authentic personality and interests. Through a discussion of your values, lifestyle, professional and social circles we form a foundation to build your true style. We always stop to ask – what do you need?

Clear Out That Wardrobe!

Have you been nursing a wardrobe orphan? Clothes that you buy but never end up wearing! In this module, we undertake a thorough in-person evaluation of your wardrobe to help you retain items that suit you and your preferences. Basis this outcome, we curate a shopping list that enables you with the perfect items to ‘cluster’ – clothing in coordinated colors and fabrics that can be easily mixed and matched.


Bags, belts, shoes, jewellery – the smallest items can transform your look from a mere ‘nice’ to stand-out ‘wow’. This module takes you through the ways you can mix and match your accessories with a variety of outfits. For those exploring jewellery for the first time, Image Stilista guides you on finding the perfect everyday look or that little extra bling for a party.

Skincare & Delicate Make-Up

Great make-up starts with consistent skin care. We help you craft a daily skincare regimen followed by an everyday make-up look that takes a few minutes, just right for those early, busy mornings! We guide you on choosing colors that go well with your outfits and enhance your best facial features. In addition, we work with you to find the right perfumes and fragrances for different occasions.

Smart Shopping & Styling

With our team of experts, we take you on a smart shopping experience to coach you on finding the right styles and colors for yourself. Not only will you find a reduction in impulse buys but also fewer wardrobe neglects!
We also accompany you on a trip to the salon to decide on the right hair-cut for your face shape, in consultation with your hairdresser.
We end our signature program with a little gift for life – a personalized look-book that combines your attire, accessories, make-up in well-crafted looks, that you can easily refer to any time you want!