Life’s beautiful when you
know who you are and you
know how to own it…
Discover the YOU
that matters the most.

I’m hoping to receive a promotion soon but I’m worried if I need to upgrade the way I dress
I want to stand out a bit in college, I’m a little tired of the same, old wardrobe I’ve been using’
I’m coming back to work after a long hiatus, not sure if I’ll fit in after so many years
I find it so hard to find clothes that suit my body AND my personality
I never know what to wear for dinner parties
Work-wear is so difficult to put together. How do I find a wardrobe that will make life easy every morning?
It’s not uncommon for us to hear these statements in our professional and personal circles. The modern Indian woman, no matter the profession or the phase of life she’s in, is always looking to build a personal brand that is attractive, appropriate and yet authentically HER.

This desire to want to leave an impression or to look and feel your best wherever you go is all but natural. Too often though, this effort is relegated to fashion and accessories, with little focus on understanding one’s body, specific needs, personality and finding that distinct inner edge that makes you own the room when you walk in.

That’s where we come in.


‘The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you.
Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision’
– Neil Gaiman

Image Stilista, an initiative by FutureSkomp LLP, is a holistic image management firm that supports ambitious women with discovering their highest potential across roles, professions and geographies.

We believe that finding your authentic image is as much an internal journey as it is external. Every individual has the potential for personal style. With our guidance and coaching, not only will that distinct style emerge but also flourish abundantly.

From corporate leaders to aspiring professionals, students, entrepreneurs and homemakers, Image Stilista offers all women the skills, the confidence and style they need to make their mark.

Give yourself the greatest gift ever, join us on this journey

We understand your personality, budget, work role and lifestyle
We analyze your unique body shape, hair and appearance to craft an image that best suits you
We work in tandem with you to curate a budget-friendly, chic wardrobe that suits every role and occasion
We help you identify new, personalized looks that you can also craft on your own
We train you to develop a unique sense of style that will make all future dressing decisions effortless
We enable you with the confidence and panache to carry your new-found style!



A new yet authentic you

A head-to-toe transformation with the perfect hair, wardrobe and make-up suited to your personality

An evolved dress sense

An experienced ease and comfort when choosing outfits and looks for any occasion

An efficient, diverse wardrobe

See better value for your shopping trips with looks you can mix and match for different events

Time-efficient dressing

Quick, easy curation of outfits. No more hassles each morning as you get ready for the day!


A wardrobe that fits you like a second skin–comfortable yet stylish, no matter what you pick to wear

Pride in being you!

A quiet confidence in your demeanor and interaction with others

Our Niche

End-to-end transformations for women
Developing solutions for specific workplace role requirements
Curating looks for both professional and personal environments
Building style portfolios for those transitioning to new countries
Corporate image makeovers, particularly for emerging women leaders
Developing a healthy self-image and confidence in each client
Supporting clients with their career aspirations and milestones
Life-long guidance and lasting relationships with every client