Wardrobe Detox

10 hours

‘Opening up your closet should be like arriving at a really great party where everyone you see is someone you like’

-Amy Fine Collins

We’ve all had those moments where we’ve looked inside our cupboard only to find ‘nothing’ to wear. Unfortunately, we incorrectly resort to just buying more clothes to solve the problem.

Build your perfect wardrobe, don’t buy it!

In this fun, brief program Image Stilista experts create an effortless harmony of clothing and accessories that suit your work and your social engagements while adhering to your budget and preferences. With our guidance, you will receive a complete, holistic wardrobe that’ll make picking an outfit each day the easiest thing you can do!

The journey towards your dream wardrobe

Knowing you!

Your wardrobe is a reflection of who you are. Image Stilista first understands your personality, needs, body type so we can craft a portfolio that makes you want to dress each day to conquer the world.

Wardrobe Review

Our stylists conduct an in-person evaluation of your existing wardrobe to find and retain the items that enhance your natural style and body type. We relieve you of sorting hassles by organizing your clothes, accessories and shoes into items that that suit you and those that don’t.

Organize for comfort

There’s a wonderful joy in opening your closet to find the item you’re looking for in a matter of seconds! Image Stilista experts help you organize your wardrobe in a way that best suits your usual itinerary and morning routine.

Shop smart, not fast!

The nemesis to impulse buying, smart shopping ensures you have everything you need AND want without compromising on your budget. We coach you on planning your purchases in an effective way so you have a wardrobe that’s appropriate, stylish and fun, all in one go!

Customized Look Book

We take our planning a step further by put together personalized looks that you can refer to any time you want. In the customized look book crafted for each client, we curate end-to-end looks with clothing, accessories and footwear suggestions and additional tips. A style guide for life!

Your Styling Companion for Life

We thrive on seeing you make an impact with your appearance both on others and yourself, even beyond our program! Our experts are always available for that quick advice or outfit review you need. Call, text or email us – we’re always here to support your style evolution!