Working with Aditi was great fun. She has a very unique style of integrating personal style, self-image and your personality. She connects with her clients at a very deep level and I will not be surprised if I have really a life-long relationship with her. Thank you Aditi.

Preeti P
L&D, Apple, Singapore

Aditi is an accomplished & knowledgeable image consultant. She changed my look completely. Her course is very detailed towards work wear & etiquette. She made me understand what type of outfits are acceptable for work wear & how to style & layer to look professional & exude confidence. She showed me which styles & colours would suit my body type. She taught me simple make up & hair styling. I have been following her guidance & I feel empowered. It has changed my attitude at work & makes me more confident. I have received many compliments on my dressing style at work & have inspired other women also to wear similar outfits.

Minnoti Banergee
Asst Procurement Manager, Unilever, Mumbai

When I met Aditi, my confidence level was very low and I was clueless what I wanted to do. The color clinic, personal style, personal shopping changed my perception and gave me a lot of confidence. Overall she taught me how to be self – confident again.

Deepti Singh.
Engagement Manager, IIT, Kharagpur, Bangalore

I am an HR professional and work on lot of projects with multiple stakeholders. I felt that there was something missing, something to do with how I look and how I present myself to the people. Aditi taught me nuances of image management. And today here I am – a very different person with my own uniqueness. Have to keep my association with Aditi for life long.

Kamal Chandran
HR Professional, Accenture, Banaglore

Did wardrobe analysis, as well as grooming workshop with Aditi. It was great fun and a learning experience too. She is professional and friendly in handling situations with client. Satisfied with my overall experience.

Nilisha Yadwadkar
Yoga Trainer, Bangalore

My profession requires me to exude the image of a powerful and dynamic technical presales consultant, Aditi managed to give me just the right statement for it. Also, kept in sync with my casual and laid back outlook at home. Worked wonders for me and I’m delighted!

Utsav Sharma
Assistant Manager-Presales at IGATE global solutions, US

Aditi is a true professional and knows her subject very well. Also, comes across as a very non- judgmental, which is the basic trait needed for this space.

Roopashree VY
Learning Consultant, EMC², Bangalore