Smart Shopping

8 hours

Do you tend to buy the first thing you like while shopping, only to come home and regret it?

Can’t ever find what you need despite spending considerably on clothes?

Always worried about crossing your budget on a shopping trip?

Now’s the chance to go from shopping to investing!

At Image Stilista our focus is ‘shopping with a purpose’.

We are fueled by a passion to build you the wardrobe you need without excessive splurging and the brand-bias that is often the motivation behind many personal shopping services offered in department stores.

The Image Stilista Smart Shopping service provides every client with a personalized collection of clothing and accessories, tailored to meet each of their requirements and preferences.

Here’s how we purposefully purchase for you

Understand your needs

We begin with an in-depth questionnaire given to each client so we are keenly aware of their personality, budget, lifestyle and aspirations as we curate a selection. A detailed discussion follows where we understand previous challenges and desires that will help make our process even more effective.

Expert Pre-shopping Services

We spend 4 or more hours prior to the shopping trip putting together our best picks from a store, for you. Once you enter, all you have to do is walk straight to the dressing-room to try on our choices. This avoids spending hours over choosing and battling suggestive sales personnel. From sizes to colors, our experts will source everything for you. Your job? Just try it on and tell us what you like!

Intelligent Styling

As you try different items, our consultants guide you on the multiple ways you can style a single item that fits your personal style. With an intelligent collection of fewer but more versatile items, you can curate many wonderful looks over several years.

Developing your Style Radar

As we proceed, we coach you on developing a style radar so you understand what styles, colors, shapes suit your body and personality easily. We help you identify stores and brands that match your style requirements perfectly, so you don’t have to spend endless hours browsing the next time you head out.

Your very-own Style Look book

A handy look book that features all the items you purchased in multiple, versatile combinations, curated by our experts. Every look is supported with images of items and tips & tricks that will elevate it each time. A life-long guide to make the most of your purchases!