Pageants & Events

‘Leaving an impression is great, building an image even better’

Everyone wants to stand out, make a mark, particularly at occasions where they’re surrounded by some of the finest in their professional and social circles.

But often it is limited to trying yet another brand, designer or a mere web search of hairstyles and looks.

Image Stilista understands that in order for YOU to stand out, be it an event, pageant or occasion, the spotlight needs to shone on every aspect that makes you the best version of yourself.

With an expert team of consultants and stylists, we focus on identifying your unique style, best features, traits and persona that need to emerge at these special occasions.

Our offerings

Styling For Events

We know that some moments are more special than others.

For those key occasions, Image Stilista provides both one-on-one and group services to enable impactful appearance for a wide variety of platforms:

  • Public Speaking Forums
  • Beauty Pageants
  • Award Shows
  • Red Carpet Appearances
  • Black Tie Soirées
  • Weddings & other special occasions
  • Fashion Shows
  • Publicity Tours
  • TV Appearances


  1. Understanding the platform and audience you will be addressing
  2. Understand your own style, preferences and comfort
  3. Develop a style portfolio in discussion with you – attire and accessories that fit your persona and occasion
  4. Curate an end-to-end look right from hair, make-up to footwear for the occasion
  5. Coach you on carrying off your outfit at the event, with elegance and panache

Coaching For Pageants

At Image Stilista, we believe that potential pageant winners must possess a beautiful blend of charisma and confidence, an unwavering pride in the attire they carry and the personality they hold.

A holistic combination of styling and personality development, our Pageant Training Programs are crafted to hone those very abilities so that every time you walk on stage, you shine.

Our services


Image Stilista experts train you on hair and skin management, dressing and make-up looks that you can carry off effortlessly across occasions.


Our experts coach you on developing the right posture, gestures and poise as per international standards, making you ready for global stages and events.


Through an understanding of your face structure and features, our stylists develop looks for a variety of events and coach you on creating these on your own.


We take the time to understand your body shape, height and complexion to put together a portfolio of clothing and accessories that will flatter your profile and enhance key features.

Personalized Look-book

Our stylists provide you with a customized look-book with personalized looks that you can refer to at any point in time, ensuring every appearance is an impressive one!

Effective Public Speaking

We train you on key aspects of both formal speaking and social conversations. We coach you on starting conversations, sustaining them, addressing crowds, answering questions, giving speeches etc.