Formal Business attire is incomplete without A “Necktie”. For any important event business or social maybe for a meeting, presentation, public speaking, you want your audience to be all ears and pay you all the attention, your necktie becomes the focal point of emphasis and brings the attention up to your face at the same time elongates your torso. So while shopping for a tie whether a solid color (plain) or patterned (maybe a stripe/ plaid, paisley, polka, etc) ask yourself –Will this tie serve the need for the roles and goals of your life?? Every color, style, and pattern conveys some message about you??? What personality traits do you want people to perceive about you?? It announces your personal style and taste to the world. If you want world to perceive that you are Confident, Credible, Stylish – a positive person then please keep in mind a few tips, next time you want to shop and select a solid color tie or A diagonal stripe tie.

Solid color Ties are the safest bets and looks great, appropriate, and attractive in any kind of occasion. You can combine it either with a patterned sport coat (checked or plaid), a blazer, or a suit. It will work in harmony with all kind styles.

Classic diagonal stripe ties are too evergreen in terms of fashion but they can be a little tricky. There was a time when a particular color combination or style would indicate wearer’s membership to a particular club, military regiment, school, professional association. The most common pattern of such ties consisted of diagonal stripes in alternating colors running down from wearer’s left side especially in UK and US.

Thankfully, apart from UK (where these codes may still exist) today these membership codes do not convey too much meaning or association other than what message you want to convey about your style, taste or personality trait.

But hey next time you travel to UK wearing a diagonal stripe tie make sure you know which club or school you belong to!!!