Priyanka Chopra wearing this Ralph Lauren trench coat with 10 -foot detachable long train is simply Stunning!

Style is revealed through everything, right from the solid beige color, the popped collar, rolled-up sleeves, and detachable long train, hair bun, silver sculpted earrings, black boots combined with the right attitude and body language.

Encircled by the paparazzi, this red-carpet look has become the grist for the gossip mill.

For me, Style is very personal-your unique way of making a statement. It introduces you before you even speak.

In this era of personal branding, knowing your personal style it’s of utmost importance. For celebs who are always styled as per the role and occasions such international events give them the opportunity to make their own statement and Priyanka rightly swept away the whole attention from the event by making statement through her own personal style-the unique ‘YOU’.

This look defines ‘How knowing your personal style is so crucial’. Let’s scrutinize her Personal Style – As an individual, her body language shows positive attitude. She is poised, sophisticated, demands respect, influential, authoritative, credible, capable… more towards Yang. Physically she is sensuous, charming, feminine and more towards Yin. Keeping these elements in mind her stylists has done complete justice by choosing the trench coat by mixing and blending Yin-Yang characteristics.

The stylish outfit reflects her attitude and personality which is being classy, elegant, and dignified.

I would say look demands perfect 10 as there is delight in the sight!!