Workshops for Employees & Teams
‘If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself’
– Henry Ford
At Image Stilista, we believe in the power of the many to transform the way a company looks, thinks, feels and yes, succeeds.
In addition to coaching emerging leaders, we find it vital to ensure that all employees receive the benefit of image management to enhance the overall growth of a business or brand.

We work with companies and their Human Resources teams to train employees to be the best versions of themselves and thereby represent the best version of their employers.

Our services

  • Coaching employees on workplace dressing & corporate etiquette, across industries
  • Training on building and maintaining client relationships
  • Dressing for public speaking and corporate meetings
  • Development of dress code policies and employee induction processes
  • Training of large workforces, with the support of The Trainers Consortium, an initiative by Image Stilista that brings together 300+ professionals across the country

To date, Image Stilista has empowered several companies such as EMC, Kirloskar, Bharti Axa, MSCI, Natural Remedies, ZeeLearn, SABIC India, The Flights Guru (UK), Amway with improved image management for their leaders and employees