Personal Coaching for Emerging Leaders

Is there that one manager in your workplace everyone looks to for guidance?
A new leader that left an impression the minute she walked in?
The one colleague who’s always the natural choice for new projects?

Natural though it may appear, chances are this star leader has invested a considerable amount of time and energy into developing a set of competencies, skills and an image that sends all the right signals to colleagues and executive leadership.

An aura that takes a professional’s journey from ‘normal’ to an accelerated ‘successful’.

Image Stilista consultants specialize in helping emerging women leaders find this exact edge that will leave an impression in whatever role they hold or aspire to.

We coach female professionals with a wide variety of ambitions:


  • Professionals aiming to accelerate their career trajectory
  • Professionals in executive leadership positions or seeking similar roles
  • Brand spokespersons or heads of companies
  • Women entrepreneurs and business-owners