What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you read the word ‘Colors’. For me, it means happiness, festival, rainbow, flowers, fruits, and togetherness with family and friends. Do you know every single person in this world has a different way to look, has different perception and interpretation about colors? A same color let’s say red maybe it’s too bright for one person or too subtle for the other one or maybe reddish brown for one person or reddish black for the other one.

Between this continuum of bright and subtle there may be many more people with different version and perception about the same red color. Perception and interpretation for same color also changes with time, experience, profession, age and also with the shape and color of the lens in the eye. For some people it has religious connotations. Their clothing choice on daily basis is based and influenced by auspicious color associated with the Deity of the day.

Well, let’s not get too serious – I would say every colors reflects or conveys some meaning or message, say red (well I am bias when it comes to red). Red is a powerful color and it means strength, wealth, power and good luck. When combined with white, the color changes to pink. Pink reflects the feeling of compassion, love, belief in equality. When combined withfr green the color red changes to brown. Brown is an earthy color and means that the person is approachable, friendly, a thinker. And the list goes on and on.

Well, we have discussed too much of theory part, now let’s talk about the practical aspect associated with it. Question is -How do you want people to perceive you when you wear a particular color??? Do you want to look Younger/ slimmer/taller or older/ heavier/shorter, glamorous/vibrant/stylish or classic/subtle/sophisticated. Next time you go out shopping, keep in mind few tips while selecting a color? Select clothes with shape that suits your body type, the color selected should either reflect your skin, cheek or hair color. If not, then try to bring the color up to your face (women can take the help of make-up/accessories, men can use a pocket square/tie). While selecting an outfit don’t look/choose keeping only the color in mind, make sure you select the right fabric/pattern that does not attract too much attention on your body variations and highlights the face and only those areas where you want the attention to go. I can vouch; everyone can wear and carry any color they like. It’s not about” WHAT you wear”. It’s all about “HOW you wear”.