Standing Out…yet fitting at the same time!!

Standing Out…yet fitting at the same time!!

Standing Out…yet fitting at the same time!!


In this era of fashion won’t you agree that somewhere we all want to look unique, different, standing out from others? We want to have our own style, our own Personal Style (PS). By having or acquiring the skill to identify or create your PS a lot of us take these terms ‘unique’, ‘different’, and ‘standing out’ literally by their dictionary definitions. This is where the whole confusion or disconnect is. This is where we go wrong in our decisions of being appropriate for the respective occasions.
Yes, we all want to stand out but that does not mean that we dress like a fashionista and go to office, dress like a college girl and work as a teacher, dress without any thought and go for an interview. By standing out I mean dress attractively , dress that fits and flatter your body, dress by looking authentic and most important dress by being appropriate to your roles (at home or office) and the occasions. It is imperative that we create, understand and define our PS. Now, the next question is- Are we aware that we need to create our PS? How do we create PS? Should we confirm to conformity by following fashionistas, celebrities, models, by reading blogs or by watching you tube videos by the experts.
Thanks to the technology influx and web we have lots of options to explore. Now, honestly tell me how many of us even after trying all these options are still looking confused, in doubt or not sure what their style quotient is? What is or should be our own personal style? Well, you will find some people also stating “I don’t believe in personal style” some feel that “it’s a complete waste of time “, some strongly believe “it’s only required by people who have money” and so on. And then some people are so overwhelmed with it that their whole purpose of life is revolved around it. Now again, how do we make sure that we have balanced approach towards it? We are creative yet comfortable?? Either we already have the skill or we need to acquire the skill yet feel joy in it?3
Before I give you the answer, let me share a common practical situation at work place wherein most of the people feel that even if they have more talent they are not recognized by their superiors or in some cases the superior is not taken seriously by his/her team. Today the corporate culture has changed. The hierarchies are more horizontal than being vertical like olden times. Even though there is a distinct hierarchy in terms of the work positions in the system, there is no one who calls/address their superiors as “Sir/Madam” or addresses them by their surnames “Mr. /Ms.” .Everyone is addressed by their first name. In this kind of environment say for instant- if an important client walks-in and meets you along with your team, how will you ensure that just by a mere glance at you (with your dressing, grooming and body language) the client should get the message that you are the person in authority before you are even introduced along your team? This is where you stand out and yet fit in. By taking care of your PS – by appropriate dressing, looking attractive as per your work and position.
Now, coming back to the question – how do we have a balanced approach towards creating PS? The answer is- when I say PS, I mean, dressing in a way that you are comfortable, responding to your own instincts, being yourself yet being stylish. There is no right or wrong, no rules in terms of personal style, idea is just being yourself on purpose. It’s not what you wear; it’s all about how you wear.

Let me share some quick tips which can be of great help when you go out shopping next time:4 Keep in mind the fit of the outfit. It should flatter your body and be in accordance to your height, body shape and face shape .Ensure it should not show your body bulges, your figure variations and falls smoothly on you. Look for outfits that can be worn for multiple occasions. Right use of accessories can enhance your looks. Accessories make everything better.








Putting it in a nutshell, everyone has the potential for PS: you may simply need to coax yours out of hiding. I would say if you are the one who is still exploring for your PS; then the first step towards acquiring it would be to start learning what you like and keep these tips in mind whenever you go out shopping. With time and practice you will develop your own unique PS. And if you are the one who already understands your PS then these tips will definitely enhance your PS.
If you find this article helpful please leave your comments and shall continue to share some more practical tips.

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