Do Well, Live Well and Dress Really Well

Do Well, Live Well and Dress Really Well


Siddhartha Kumar is one of our recent clients. He is pursuing his PhD from Norway. In his recent trip to Bangalore, he wanted to utilize this time for his image building and hence contacted Image Stilista for assistance. Siddhartha realized that there is much more to a human personality than just simply believing that I know about what I wear and how I appear.

At Image Stilista, we conducted an in-depth analysis of Siddhartha’s strengths and opportunities  and based on this we recommended him the required solutions. The implications of the solutions have been rewarding for Siddhartha as he now believes that he is apt with his knowledge about himself and is excited to return back to his doctoral studies with a charm.

Image Stilista wishes Siddhartha the best for his future endeavors.


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