Individual Solutions

Image Stilista helps individual to determine and display their Personal Brand, ensuring consistency on how one represents oneself in every situation.

Individual clients  can include- a Professional, Entrepreneur, Student,  Homemaker, soon to be Bride or Groom or people from any walk of life. We will customize the clinics/session as per your requirement.

We work with Individual clients with two specific and customized approach.

  • Personal Brand building and coaching
  • Image and Fashion Services.

 We believe with adequate guidance and training your life can change for good in may ways.

  • Your opinion will matter more
  • Clients/Family will have a positive approach towards you
  • Peers/friends will be appreciative of your presence

We at Image Stilista strive to give you an edge over others by a complete image makeover. An image that you will project to the world  will positively reflect your values, beliefs, work ethic & most importantly your personality!

Creating personal or professional brand is your statement to the world and determines your value.

  • Image Scope –Client Need Analysis
  • Lifestyle Evaluation- Look the Part
  • Shape Evaluation – Style your Shape and Shape your Style-Body
  • Color Clinic-Wear your Color-
  • Personal Style- Discover your Individuality
  • Wardrobe and art of Clustering
  • Personal Shopping Services
  • Make-up, Face Shape and Grooming
  • Personalized  Make-up Shopping Services

Style is a way to say Who You Are without having to speak”-Rachel Zoe

Some of the Image Clinics are also offered as a package together to fall in with the individual’s need and to suit their busy schedules. Contact us to learn more about these Image Clinic’s scope, duration and schedule.

Adhering to and practicing the right etiquette & mannerism will help one become more acceptable, appreciable and successful in all walks of their life.

  • Business
  • Social
  • Dinning
  • General

Body language is a very powerful tool. We had body language before had speech, apparently, 80% of what we understand in a conversation is read through the body, not the words- by Deborah Bull

  • Postures
  • Gestures
  • Expressions

CommYOUnication-Communication Skills directly relates to 85% of one’s success in life and it’s a skill-its meant to be practiced.

  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Influencing and Conflict Resolution Skills

The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.

  • Appreciating the Cultural Differences
  • Business Interaction
  • Social Interaction
  • Ideal for people traveling abroad for business or education

We are sensitive about client’s preference; therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and their consulting packages