Aditi Khanna


She grew up being part of Indian family set-up which involved extensive movement and relocation across length and breadth of the country, coupled with global exposure. This exposure enabled in her a very diverse and liberal mindset while ensuring an understanding of differences in cultures, their nuances and asks in people dominated work & personal spaces. This unique mix of understanding of cultural diversities, end client orientation, plethora of practical exposures and training’s enhanced her natural inclinations of making ‘lives’ better is clearly a ‘game changer’ !

An experience which significantly stands out and is key to her being is her work tenure with two of the leading airlines in India – Jet Airways and KingFisher Airlines. Having worked close to 10 years in these airlines, she started in Jet Airways in Customer centric profile & gradually grew up the ladder. She left Kingfisher Airline in its prime as Guest Services Manager & Technical/Soft-skill Trainer. This exposure was instrumental in ensuring to be and to understand the practical importance of being well groomed all times, whilst ensuring heightened soft skills and customer service becoming an ingrained part of her personality. Thereafter, Image Consulting and being a soft skills trainer was a natural progression supporting her passion, to make a difference on day to day basis to lives of people. A passion to ensure ‘the much needed panache to individual success stories’ ensuring they cover the key elements of ‘last mile’ to the top.

With the above experience and mindset , she rightly chose to leverage her overall being by picking Image Consulting as career of choice, thereby bringing life to theory!

She is a certified Image Consultant and has already conducted both corporate and individual sessions in different industries.